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At the age of eleven, I stumbled upon my grandfather's 1950’s-era 35mm camera.  Its body was cumbersome and heavy, and its lack of electronics posed a challenge.  But my curiosity offset these limitations, and over the years — with my grandfather’s support — I immersed myself in the art of photography.  I realized my power to not only capture a moment in time, but also to create my own world and tell a story with my pictures.

As I grew older, my enjoyment of photography developed into a passion.  I gained a newfound appreciation for my daily surroundings, discovering beauty and character in the most ordinary of places.  At the other end of the spectrum, I found myself going to extreme measures for the perfect shot.  Climbing trees only to photograph a falling leaf;  or sitting outside in the freezing cold to capture the first snowflakes of winter.  The reward of a quality photograph was always well worth the effort.

My childhood experiences serve as the foundation for my vision and dedication to photography.  My training as a classical pianist and graphic designer have further refined my sense of technical discipline and creative direction.  Although my approach has matured (as you will see in my personal portfolio), I still love going to extremes for the perfect shot.

I offer a broad range of photography and editorial services, and I'm always eager to explore new territory.  If you have the need for a photographer, I would love to hear from you.

Bring it on!


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